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How to rank your website in 2019 (SEO in 2-minutes)

Hey there are quickly one of the cover what SEO is like in 2019 again SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s essentially it’s how your website appears when people search things and insert engines such as Google so Google’s whole goal is to help users that use their website find the most relevant site possible within the least amount of searches so if I’m searching best restaurant in Auckland and the first thing that appears is a restaurant in a different city that’s not going to be very helpful for me because I might click on it I might spend some time looking at it and then realize it’s in Hamilton a bike damn it and then I’ll go back and search it again Google doesn’t want that Google wants for whatever it to appear first to be very very relevant and also very engaging so again Google’s taking in elements of how long people are spending on site are they bouncing on the first page and things like that so when you do work to try rank your website better pretend goggle is like a person all you need to do is write content for the person you’re writing for and in if adding videos maybe adding a map if that’s helpful to the person then add that in because it’ll also be helpful for Google but if you’re doing things that aren’t helpful for people it’s just helpful for rankings that’s when you start to risk spending time on things that really aren’t creating an impact so a lot of a lot of the mass market outreach SEO people will suggest kind of creating content just to rank and the content is either like it’s either bad content or they’ve just spun it’s called spun content where they’ve taken one blog post and they just spin the words around hundreds of times and they can create a hundred blog post from the one blog post the downside is not really readable and it’s not really engaging it’s already useful so if you’ve got a Content writer versed in that actually it’s a piece of content that users will want to read verses hundreds of these like spun articles that don’t really make much sense and will really encourage people to leave the website if they see it the one article from the from the content writer is gonna win because again we’re not in the day and age now where we’re competing on how how many keywords have managed to stuff on a page all we’re trying to do is create a valuable content for our users if you can keep that in mind you don’t do really really well with your SEO strategy in 2019

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