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How To Target Nearby Customers With Local SEO | Bulldog Digital Media

hi I’m buzz head of outreach here at Bulldog digital media and today I’m going to be going through local SEO of you and how it can help you grow your local business online showing up in local search can be the difference between a tidal wave of customers and a phone that never rings our local SEO experts know what it takes to put you at the top of the map and in front of your audience from optimizing your Google listings to building out landing pages that rank to everything in between we’re the one agency you need for all things local SEO with around 46% of all Google searches being localized there are loads of potential customers using local search every day to find the best local businesses in your area furthermore it’s been found that around 50% of local searches are made on mobiles and a whopping 78% of these local mobile searches result in offline purchases giving you even more reason to start advertising your business locally .

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