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The most important SEO update in 2019

UD, what was your last Google search to buy something? It was yesterday…I was searching for Warren Buffet’s: The Life. Okay Ahh, when you searched for that book, what did you figure out Like.. leave the ads part, just the organic results? I think I only saw Amazon and Flipkart throughout the results. Ya, Same happened to me. I was searching for a “SONY earphone”, the only result I got was from Amazon and Flipkart. The other day, I was searching for “invest in mutual funds” and the only companies were Cleartax and Investopedia. Damn, I think this happens multiple times for all companies like HubSpot, Wordstream.

These guys are category leaders And for a single search query, they have 1,2 even 3 search results. Right, So… there are a lot of reasons why these companies have more and more space on the first page of Google search result. Yeah! What are the basic reasons these companies makeup to the top results on Google So there are primary 3 reasons, right These guys having been producing content since decades They have insane amount of backlinks and number 3 the amount of traffic these guys are generating month over month is off the roof And until now Google was not discriminating between search results that come for a single query multiple times. Right right But, this is going to change! Yeah. Google recently rolled out an update on SEO. If its & you search for “earphones”, you will not get flipkart on the first page multiple times times.

Right! And that’s going to hurt a lot of giants(!) Yes! So for e-commerce, it’s Flipkart, Amazon(s) For PPC it’s Wordstream, Hubspot for inbound right? So, how do you make most of this opportunity? That’s a great question, Abhishek! Because this is the time for YOU guys! Right now if you are a marketer trying to get to that piece, what I would say is make a list of your competitors, see where they rank multiple times. Create that list and go after the keywords they are ranking for multiple times This is your chance to go and actually rank for them But how do you prioritize? Cause there gonna be multiple of them Just see the ones which you are already ranking on the first 20 results Prioritize that with your content team & backlinking. Go right at it and get yourself in the first page That’s absolutely on point! I think this can give you a lot of leverage in a shorter span of time. And guys, you need to do this NOW! Cause as we speak, this rollout is happening worldwide So if you do something today, you will see the results in the next 6 months.

As UD rightly pointed out Have a strategy about your competitors, understand their keywords, what they are ranking for Make a strategy, GO EXECUTE!! Right! and you have to do it right now!

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