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SEO Trick – How this company is able to rank #1 on Google

Hey this is Victor I hope you’re doing well okay so it is early in the morning here and I was going to shoot a quick video and one of my favorite things to do as a business owner is kind of spy around and look at other people’s websites and find out kind of how they’re doing stuff how does stuff happen how do people rank on Google like what’s the secret and just kind of finding out the little hidden tricks that people do to rank on Google see when I say hidden tricks I don’t mean like they’re do anything to bad but it’s just kind of fun to know like what are people doing to be able to rank on Google and so you know one of the things I was doing the other day I was googling New York web design I used to live in New York for a while and I saw this company as number one but there was like no reason why it should be ranking number one it didn’t have enough kind of on-page stuff going on and I’m like how are they ranking number one for New York web design or web design New York whatever it was and so I kind of found their trick and so I’m gonna share it with you today on their video and you can use this trick in your own business to help yourself ranked number one on Google too so stay tuned okay so here we are on Google and as you can see here I’ve googled Web Design New York I’m in in California here and the what I saw here as the number one results in the regular listings was this company here big drop Inc and it says web design company in New York turns out I think that they’re like a pretty big firm but if you looked on page and you kind of did an analysis like it’s kind of hard to see why they would be ranking number one for a really competitive term like New York Web Design and you know they really don’t mention New York or web design too much throughout this page which is you know kind of typically stuff you would do for on-page optimization and so I was like what are they doing what’s what’s going on here so I put them in a tool this is a tool called aah refs and this is is not cheap but it’s definitely worth it because it tells you a lot about other people’s websites and there’s a couple things that does number one that gives you this thing called that your domain rank and and the way to think about this this is like your website score they used to have a thing called PageRank that Google did they don’t do that anymore so the closest thing you can get are like other companies kind of give you their equivalent and long story short with this is like the higher the number this is then all thing all other things being equal sites with higher domain rank will rank better than sites that don’t have high domain rank so this is like a really high domain rank 72 my own sites like 66 or 67 or something like that so pretty strong the next thing you should look at when trying to find out like how people are ranking is their anchor links and so you know I was clicking here on anchors and what I was expecting to find somewhere here was the term web design New York New York web design company something on that spirit and I kind of went through here and I think that there was very rare this at web developers in New York but there was not a lot of stuff going on um and specifically like in the New York web design type stuff and something like what are they doing and then I also noticed this I noticed this Cinna gram you know yeah cinema gram of all the anchors that they had the number one and number two were this thing that seemed to be like totally unrelated to this company and I’m like what’s going on here why are they what’s what is this cinema Graham so I wanted to Google and I don’t know what cinema Graham was I think as far as I can deduce from my brief kind of going through this is that this was some kind of a mobile app startup company that had a lot of buzz at one point but then kind of fizzled out or went out of business or something like that and you can see here there’s like a lot of like life wire hustle I saw some stuff like crunchbase like New York Times even was covering I’m like they had a lot of things and so something you should know is when when a website gets press when Ike website let’s say a website gets on the New York Times and then the New York Times like links back to your website like that’s a huge deal like the New York Times is a big link it’s like really important and it’s linking back to your site that’s like a really valuable link and what a lot of people don’t know is like that link lives on forever mostly and even if that company goes out of business the link itself and all the links to that website are still valuable and so what I noticed was was like here’s big drop Inc for the cinema gram so I clicked on that and I took me to this page here and it’s basically saying like this website is no longer in business or something but instead why don’t you get a website and then it says here’s the two things I noticed that we’re very interesting so number one it says big drop Inc is a web design company based in New York so we have this very good keyword here they’ve linked to big drop Inc with right next to web design company based in New York and they also have the anchor for web design company notice my mouse how it turns into a hand so anytime it turns into a hand that’s a link very subtle because they don’t have any it they’ve purposely made it not look like it’s a link which is fine I’m not trying to imply that they’re doing anything devious here I’m just just like the sneakiness of it so so anyway web design company right is their link from this cinema Graham and I think they rank on page one nationally for a web design company I think if I typed in a web design company which is a much bigger harder to get term then they’re like you know somewhere I think there are like the bottom yeah so very so okay what is this what is this cinema Graham thing right so what’s that so if you just type the word cinema Graham into and they have like a weird Dom whatever you’d see that their domain rank was 59 so all of their domain rank that these these big draw people are getting a lot of it is just coming from the fact that they bought this cinema Graham domain they took a landing page for that page and then they just linked it to their home page and said hey this is web design and they’re using that anchor and so that as silly as that sounds is like the big secret – what they did to rank number one I mean it’s not all they do they obviously have a bunch of other backlinks you can see here there’s thousands of backlinks but many of them are coming from this cinema Graham thing and so what they’re basically I don’t know how they got it maybe they actually started the cinema Graham and this was their own company and and it’s you know it makes total sense but what they also might have done I’d really don’t know is I just bought an expired domain where you know the company went under but it still had all these valuable links pointing to it and then they bought it and then they just redirected it or created a page with because look which you gotta understand there’s this thing called link juice right the more the more people linking to you that’s like link juice is what it’s called and so when it’s all pointing to your site you get credit for it you get there getting all the credit for all the press that cinema grant ever did they get that credit now and it’s going to them and then they get to decide hey we’re gonna turn all that that trust from Google into you know New York web design instead which is very interesting so here’s how you can do that – so hopefully that makes sense but like here’s here’s the takeaway I don’t want to just leave you with like hey here’s a cool story so you can do the same thing so there’s this site called expired domains dotnet there’s plenty of other ones this one’s good in a sense that it’s free so just you know and what they do is they just list expired domains obviously and so what’s fun about it is you’d be surprised but a lot of these sites here you know you can you can filter by just how many backlinks there are so if I click on B L stands for backlinks there’s some sites have like millions of backlinks or thousands of backlist now before you start just buying all of these let me give you a word of warning you only want to buy good ones like a lot of these are crummy sites that have real spammy backlinks than they were for porn sites or for pharma sites early you know just kind of stuff that you wouldn’t want like you got to make sure they’re really really clean and good stuff but there definitely are and so what you could do is go to a site like expired domains type in you know your niche whatever it is if I wanted to type in web design and I could find all the URLs related to web design that had like nice links to them and then you could you know go into a site like a address you could explore these you could say hey this is a good site or whatever and then you just buy this expired domain and some of these are like literally just the cost of you know registration I could go here I’ve not looked at this before it says web design TV I’m linking to GoDaddy and I could buy this for forty four bucks some of them I could buy for like ten bucks and then what you could do is you could do one of a couple things you could literally just redirect it to your site to give yourself some additional links that actually does help I can tell you because I’ve tried it you could create one of those pages like you did here you know or you can create a separate site and start linking to your own site give yourself credit that way but anyway I just thought this was an interesting kind of case study here hopefully you find that valuable if you did please leave a like feel free to subscribe and I will see you on the next video

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