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How to Rank a Local Business with a Geo Network: Local SEO Tutorial & Training (Google My Business)

In this video we are going to go into how to rank a local business on Google Maps with a geo network my name is Justin kunst consult so here’s what we’re going to cover today first off why you should create a Geo network for yourself or your clients what is a Geo network how does a Geo network help improve local rankings and then we’re going to get into the exact steps how to create a Geo network which social and web properties to register and use how to optimize those local properties and accounts and then how to post and what to post to those accounts so that you get the greatest benefit from your geo network so why would you want to create a Geo network in the first place well when it all comes down to it a Geo network is going to help you or your clients get better rankings on Google Maps and that includes the organic search results and specifically within the Maps app or Maps Google comm with better ranking comes better visibility and more traffic to your website and oftentimes that traffic is going to be highly qualified these are going to be people looking for your business type or service and you can use this as part of a more holistic local SEO campaign so what is a geo network essentially a geo network is a group of social and web sites these sites are locally optimized and when I say locally optimized I mean that they are optimized for one specific city in instead of one clients brand and then these properties include within them articles Maps embeds and other content that then relates to the business business brand that you want to rank so how does your geo network actually help improve the rankings of your business or your client the key word and this is relevancy relevancy is very important when it comes to a business’s backlink profile and citation of profile I call this a website’s ecosystem because it’s not just about the website that you are attempting to rank it’s also about the other websites around it that are linking into it now this geo network is also a great way to build backlinks like we’re talking about as well as unstructured citations citations being the business’s name address and phone number and while this geo network that you create is specific to one city you’ll actually be able to use it for multiple businesses or clients within that city now if you like this type of content real fast I want you to take a couple action steps right now you can visit consult to jump on to our next of live cue a marketing webinar broadcast or you can ask your marketing questions and get immediate answers and if you like this video like it give it a thumbs up subscribe and comment on what else you think of this strategy and other videos you’d like to see now let’s get into exactly how to build your geo Network it’s actually incredibly simple you’re gonna start by creating a new branded Gmail with that branded Gmail you’ll then register a of high-quality social and web properties which I’m going to include a list of with this video for you then do basic optimization with these sites you really don’t need to go in-depth but you want to optimize for the location or the city that geo in the geo network next you’ll post an article to that network unique articles on each property post a maps in bed which again delivers relevancy to the website that you want to rank and include a link with your branded naked or LSI keywords now here’s a list on the screen of the social and web properties that I use as a standard now this isn’t an all-or-nothing list as new web sites open you can use those and some of these websites by the time you watch this may be closed now once you open those accounts using your branded gmail and these are going to be branded accounts not of the website that you want to rank what is a general brand for that location these are gonna be kind of like a third party Network say an association or business network you’ll go through these profiles on Cal so just do basic optimization the the the title tags in the description and in each of those you want to include the city that you are targeting you really do not need to overthink it it keep it simple now once you have opened those accounts begin posting your content to that now while the profile is a more general brand like its some Association or network the article and the content that you post to it can be more specific to the actual website and brand that you want to rank one excellent idea is to the content based around say a sponsorship or some new membership into that association so if your geo network is branded as say ace local networking the content that you post to it would be something along the lines of justin const consult justin calm newest member to ace local networking group now while you are creating this content each article should be unique and should read well you don’t want to use scraped content for this you can include a maps in bed and the links from this content to your main site that you want to rake should not be specific to the keywords that you want to rank they should in general be branded making urls or be more longtail LSI keywords now this is an excellent strategy but say you know it’s just too complicated or you don’t have the time to do it yourself well you can contact me and I can do it for you I will create for you a geo optimized network using the exact same strategy we just covered it’s super affordable and you can even get an additional five percent off with the coupon code Gio GE o again if you like this video I look forward to your feedback give it a thumbs up subscribe to our Channel and leave a comment below of what you thought about this local SEO strategy and what else you’d like to see visit consult or you can purchase a geo network that i’ll create for you and get tons more free resources to make you a better marketer thank you very much and enjoy your day

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