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Easily Rank Your Local Website On The First Page of Google Search in Under 10 Minutes Free

Hey guys is Domain Doctor Mike and I want to show you guys how to rank your website or your specific blog page or your blog To the top of Google and to get those ranks way easier and now that’s called SEO which is search engine optimization if you guys don’t know what search engine optimization is, so I’m gonna really For instance if you searched up I have stinky feet and You put that in on Google you will find results for I have stinky feet Right and the one that’s at the top has the best search engine Optimization which is SEO, okay Now you guys know what SEO is I’m gonna show you guys a quick tip that will teach you guys in 10 minutes once every two weeks you can do this you have enough time.

You have 10 minutes out of your day to Help other people online and in return you are getting high Value backlinks to your site and more traffic which means when people search up, you know, your type of business Let’s say you do stem cells or you do CoolSculpting you will be you know a higher position on Google. So more people will find you All right, it will raise your domain authority is what it’s called. So let’s get right into it I’m gonna show you guys how to do this. It’s super simple Anybody can do this as long as you just learn how to do it, right? So first of all, what I want you to do is When your patient ever asks you any question, I want you to write that down so for instance Let’s think of something that you know a patient would ask which is how long till stem cells work, right? So let’s type that in.

Let me just display this real quick. So, you know, how long Oops, this is really really big That I don’t know why that is such big writing I never used this text, oh, here we go. Okay. So how Till all right. Yeah how long for stem cells? To work, right? That’s like a common question. I would say if you’re like a stem cell practice like When do these start kicking in right so like though, that would be a question that one of your patients would ask? Okay.

Now it’s up to you to then answer that question. You’re already answering that question You will already know the answer to that question You’re not going to spend thousands of hours trying to research the answer this question because you are the expert, you know Exactly what you’re talking about. So you’re going to then answer the question. All right, and it’s gonna be like, you know Stem cells are cool stem cells cool They work This is how this is how long? It takes but really just answer the question it takes this long okay, and and then kind of go into more you know facts or trials on how you got that information in a way – So just just answer that question with like 300 words or something like that.

Okay super simple Next step go to Google and literally type in that same question. The question was how long For stem cells to work. All right. I’m just gonna highlight that copy it How long for stem cells to work question mark okay. Now we’re gonna go one step further and we’re just gonna say forum so now we’re gonna find forums of People who are asking this how long for stem cells to work super simple. Okay Now we’re gonna find a forum. Okay. This one could be one. This is a forum Look, there’s people who anybody tried stem cells. You could answer that question You could give them a couple facts and then link your website back Well, let’s let’s first check and see if anybody else has done it So look somebody posted a link back probably to their website or if they’re an SEO specialist They posted it back to their clients website. I’m gonna just inspect this and I’m gonna show you one more time. What I did was I right clicked on this link and I clicked inspect Okay.

Now you’re gonna be taken to this little side column and you’re gonna see that it says no follow so if it says no follow that means that link isn’t gonna be passing any kinds of juice and you need tons of juice on your Website if you want it to rank high so because it says nofollow It could be good because you might get some extra traffic when people are searching this up and they happen to go on here they might find you posting some cool stuff and then they might just click on your link and that Could actually that would help in a way because you’re getting traffic onto your site in your building trust with Google But you don’t need to know any of that stuff just know do not follow and do follow. Okay. It’s pretty self-explanatory Obviously something gets followed if it’s a do follow and something doesn’t get followed if it’s a note paho, so it’s pretty pretty simple So we’re then going to look for another one that looks like it could be a forum post Just give me a second This has a stem cell forum that’s frequently asked questions.

Oh so But just like okay anyone undergone stem-cell therapy or platelet-rich therapy, okay I click on here now as you can see. So the first post right here already has a link So let’s right click that link to see if it’s good Okay. So here we go. There is no do not follow links. So there is no no follow link. It doesn’t have anything which means it is a default, which means if you were to post your link in this forum that Would bring juice to your website and you would rank higher on Google So it really depends on how you want to rank But like let’s say that your website in general just isn’t very good The domain rating isn’t very good or whatever and there’s ways to check that with tools and I’m gonna show you here soon But you can you can direct it straight to your website However, you always need to bring value if you’re gonna post a link on a forum Administer administrators don’t like it if you just post a link and say oh, okay.

There we go No, you need to give your in put on it Look, this guy is talking about is like, you know recovery periods being quoted three hand surgery He’s giving his input. It takes 68 weeks sometimes in a soft cast, you know blah blah blah blah Okay, he’s giving some value and in return. He is allowed to post his link. Okay, it’s super simple So that’s what you’re gonna do. You’re basically you’re just gonna register on this forum.

It takes two seconds Alright, I agree to the turns blah blah You’re gonna fill out this information and then you are literally going to go back to that post That we found and there should be a way to you know at the bottom you can see look post reply So you can reply to this forum. Obviously, you have to be registered I just told you you need a register and then you can answer that question And when you answer that question, you’re gonna leave your link just like this guy did now let’s say that you wanted to get a specific page on your website to the top of Google then you’re gonna put the link to your specific page and maybe you even have a page that answers this question and that is the best of them all if you have a Page that answers this question as anybody undergone stem-cell playlet, you know like just or just stem cell therapy or platelet-rich therapy if there’s a whole section on What it’s about and maybe there’s some testimonials on it they of your own clients That is the perfect page because that is what you’re trying to rank in your local area Anyways, you want to rank that local page when people search up, you know stem cells, Philadelphia, you know You are the first one to pop up on the page and the way to do that is by taking that page that you’re trying to rank fill it You know stem cells Philadelphia and you’re gonna put that as a link and you’re going to give value to this forum And it’s super simple and you could literally just do three after you already found your question and your answer You just go down this list and you just you know, let’s go to the next page.

You just keep finding these little Cancer chat, you know, maybe you know something about stem cells and cancer look look at this people Okay, here we go. Another link this person happened to put you know, what’s called an anchor text Now there’s all this terminal I get it. You don’t need to know any of this You just need to know how to follow this step. Now. Look this also says nofollow So when somebody clicks on this link, I’m gonna go to their website Ok, it’s blocked. I’m gonna go to their website Boop And it’s gonna take me okay. Well, this is another part of this same form It doesn’t really matter but you get the gist of it like you just need to go and it’s really quick It takes less than 10 minutes – ten minutes and you can just do it like once every two weeks And this will raise you on the ranks of Google Dramatically and I I’m telling you dramatically because you are a local business it is not hard to rank a local business, but that is a just a quick tip on how To increase your search engine optimization super simple If you have any questions, then please DM me now.

I’m also going to show you how powerful that one site was so like we went to This previous site with the forum this platelet-rich therapy where you could have posted your backlink and let me show you how powerful it is Now this is the domain right here. Okay And we are going to post it and here this is a little tool you don’t need to know this, you know I need to have this but just to show you this is the domain Authority Which is actually not bad if you get transferred some of this juice from this domain Authority The trust flow is good the citation this website is actually pretty freakin good if you were to get this backlink Onto your site what you can do, I mean, hey, I have a lot of you guys as stem-cell clients right now you literally just go into this lot for them and Posts right now.

I’m giving you something for free just go and do it. Just post your link. Give your give your information Look, it’s called the lawn forum Dot-com and it’s this right here But just honestly just go into Google and type in how long for stem cells to work for them and you’ll find these Different forums that you can post your backlink, so there you have it guys This is the easiest way for you guys to get really great results in optimizing your website and getting it to the top of Google super simple and anybody can do this and You just have to do it. So good luck. Thank you .

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